Adenza has won the Best UMR award for its end-to-end collateral management and margin solution, Calypso.

Last year Adenza delivered several new features, including UMR threshold intraday monitoring, Isda vega risk, margin management for risk-free rate-based products, Libor-migrated trades and cloud hosting for IM. Other key components for successful implementation include headroom checks for clearing novation, end-of-day margin calculation, intraday market data catch-up, clearing member margin reporting, what-if IM application programming […]

APRA Comprehensive Data Collection – Granular Data Arrives

View Legal Terms APRA Comprehensive Data Collection – ADIs Must Run Australia’s Granular-Data Gauntlet The issuance in March 2022 of a discussion paper on the APRA Comprehensive Data Collection program came as no surprise to APRA watchers/and regulated authorized deposit-taking institutions (ADI). The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority has long been voicing its intent to realize […]

New Reporting – Top Borrowers Group Survey

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has published the revised version1.0 schema of Top Borrower Groups Survey (TBGS). Adenza understands the tight regulatory deadlines coupled with the increased scope and granularity, and our release in Q2 2022 will allow our clients to well prepared ahead of the mandated testing window in Q4 2022. Contact us […]

How to Navigate Inflation, a Pandemic & War: Q&A

Financial Technologies Forum

Trading and risk management teams at global securities firms are facing a perfect storm of rising inflation, the ripple effects of the pandemic, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Gil Guillaumey, head of strategy — capital markets at Adenza, recently answered questions from FTF News about these concerns and about the best ways forward amid […]

APRA Regulatory Requirements Readiness

With the first APRA Connect taxonomy collection requiring historical data, ADIs have to achieve aggregation of siloed information, reconciliation and data compatibility. Our selected group of early implementors stayed ahead of the curve with Adenza.