Calypso Platform Tools

Simplifying application deployments, integration and upgrade monitoring, real-time reconciliation Adenza has produced and packaged a series of tools to facilitate reconciliation automated deployments, monitoring, integration, upgrades and management of your solution. These tools simplify integration and support and reduce your total cost of ownership. View Disclaimer and Copyright Complete Form to Download

The Basel Journey

The expansion of Basel requirements involves more than a simple finalization of Basel III reforms. The updated requirements and new calculation rules are so comprehensive that they have been informally dubbed “Basel IV” and there is no industry consensus on what a future Basel regulatory scenario may look like. This is partly because evolving Basel […]

An Ecosystem For Basel Liquidity Risk Management

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) introduced two key standards of measurement for liquidity under Basel III expansion – often referred to as “Basel IV” – as part of an effort to revamp liquidity reporting requirements following the 2008 financial crisis: liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) and net stable funding ratio (NSFR). LCR is the […]

Standardized Approach For CounterParty Credit Risk SA-CCR

As a response to COVID-19, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has pushed out timelines for the extensive updates planned for Basel III – often referred to as “Basel IV”. However, the regulation changes are still coming into effect over the next three years despite reprieves. With Basel IV, BCBS has outlined the standardized […]

Global Shareholding Disclosures

The regulatory objective of global shareholding disclosures is to increase market transparency of major holdings in public issuers whose shares are traded on regulated markets. Regulators in more than 90 jurisdictions around the world require market participants to make specific disclosures when they: Accumulate a substantial shareholding in an issuer/security Invest in a sensitive industry […]

Client News: G-SIB Expands Adenza Solutions Set for Capital and Liquidity Calcs and Financial and Statistical Reporting

Not only do Basel IV requirements push ahead at differing paces across the globe — a huge challenge for multi-national banks — but local regulators also drive more granular financial and statistical reporting as the risk domain increasingly overlaps with finance. The ability to efficiently, holistically, and strategically tackle these problems across regions and solutions, […]

Adenza’s CapCloud SaaS Offering

Experience the benefits of the cloud secure in your own virtual private cloud (VPC) Helping central banks, regional banks, investment managers, and service providers worldwide experience the benefits of the cloud since 2008. View Disclaimer and Copyright Complete Form to Download

Case Study-The Business-Changing Impact Of Market Simplification

Financial institutions understand that a tactical and fragmented approach to regulation adoption often results in operational risk, not to mention the inefficiencies and costs required to maintain disparate systems. This case study follows the consolidation journey of a large global bank as it works to attain regulatory and internal business objectives with market simplification as […]

Asian Investment Summit panel recording

Adenza was the co-sponsor of the recent Asian Investment Summit 2022 that took place from 25-26 May, bringing together Asia’s largest investors and asset owners including pension funds, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, family offices, endowment and private banks, to address how they are recalibrating their long-term investments and identifying new areas of […]

Client News: Large global investment firm chooses Adenza’s fully integrated UMR-compliant collateral and clearing solution

Compelling event and decision drivers Organizations are investigating unified solutions for treasury, collateral management, and clearing in response to a dynamic landscape. New regulations for cleared and uncleared trades are being introduced and market-wide changes such as the LIBOR transition and a focus on ESG are occurring. Dissatisfied with its non scalable legacy processes that […]

Client News: Leading financial institutions choose Adenza’s innovative platform to opportunity for Basel III/IV and regulatory reporting

Compelling event and decision drivers With Basel III in effect and its finalization (aka Basel IV) looming, firms are subject to increased regulatory scrutiny regarding the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, and consistency of regulatory capital calculation and financial reporting. Regulatory exams often challenge the integrity, controls, and governance of their data flows and systems. Hampered by […]