Helping clients achieve the anonymization of personal details Financial institutions (FIs) have been focused on compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) relating to the use of personal data. This can be challenging and time-consuming – but it must be done. The Anonymization Utility from Calypso is a valuable help in the process. […]

Central Banks

Next generation solution for market operations, reserves and risk Central Banks globally have taken center stage as monetary policy and open market operations play an increasingly significant role in maintaining systemic liquidity and stability. Balance sheets and reserves are larger than ever, placing unprecedented demands on investment management. Central bankers are diversifying into higher yielding […]

Investment Management

Investment decision support, portfolio analytics & real-time insights The investment management industry has changed. Low yields and increased volatility have driven portfolio managers to implement sophisticated multi-asset strategies to stay competitive. At the same time, a flood of new regulations (EMIR, SII, DFA, MiFID II, IOSCO) has made it more difficult than ever to conduct […]

CapCloud Business Services

Elevate your cloud experience to new heights Our on-demand, around-the-clock global team is available to serve your business users exclusively. We will meet your daily and ongoing needs attentively – delivering immediate results and smooth processing. Be confident with CalypsoCloud Business Services. View Disclaimer and Copyright Complete Form to Download

Corporate Overview

Platform to Opportunity Our mission-critical systems are the most secure and trusted in the financial services industry. We create and deliver market-leading solutions to help optimize investment, unlock value and drive growth. Our targeted solutions and services are powered by our exceptional people driving innovation at scale. Together this enables us to solve your challenges […]

Global Shareholding Disclosures

Sell Sheet The regulatory objective of global shareholding disclosures is to increase market transparency of major holdings in public issuers whose shares are traded on regulated markets. Regulators in more than 90 jurisdictions around the world require market participants to make specific disclosures when they: Accumulate a substantial shareholding in an issuer/security Invest in a […]

Calypso e-FX Portal for End-to-End Digitalization

Calypso e-FX Portal for End-to-End Digitalization From multiple systems and manual processes to a single integrated portal for order management, trading, and back-office activities In the highly competitive FX sales and trading environment, banks must continuously strive to deliver best-in-class solutions for their clients. View Disclaimer and Copyright Complete Form to Download


Fundamental Review Of The Trading Book (FRTB) The Basel Journey Continues Despite the timeline reprieves given by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) as a response to COVID-19, extensive updates to expanded Basel III requirements have still been coming into effect in an ongoing basis. The expansion and accompanying new calculation rules mean that […]