The Basel Journey

The expansion of Basel requirements involves more than a simple finalization of Basel III reforms. The updated requirements and new calculation rules are so comprehensive that they have been informally dubbed “Basel IV” and there is no industry consensus on what a future Basel regulatory scenario may look like. This is partly because evolving Basel […]

An Ecosystem For Basel Liquidity Risk Management

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) introduced two key standards of measurement for liquidity under Basel III reporting – often referred to as “Basel IV” – as part of an effort to revamp liquidity reporting requirements following the 2008 financial crisis: liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) and net stable funding ratio (NSFR). LCR is the […]

Standardized Approach For CounterParty Credit Risk SA-CCR

As a response to COVID-19, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has pushed out timelines for the extensive updates planned for Basel III – often referred to as “Basel IV”. However, the regulation changes are still coming into effect over the next three years despite reprieves. With Basel IV, BCBS has outlined the standardized […]

Panel recording: Data consolidation, digitization, and optimization in an ever-changing regulatory landscape

Adenza was the co-sponsor of the recent Asian Investment Summit 2022 that took place from 25-26 May, bringing together Asia’s largest investors and asset owners including pension funds, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, family offices, endowment and private banks, to address how they are recalibrating their long-term investments and identifying new areas of […]

How to Navigate Inflation, a Pandemic & War: Q&A

Financial Technologies Forum

Trading and risk management teams at global securities firms are facing a perfect storm of rising inflation, the ripple effects of the pandemic, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Gil Guillaumey, head of strategy — capital markets at Adenza, recently answered questions from FTF News about these concerns and about the best ways forward amid […]

Emerging Themes – Trade and Transaction Reporting

Streamlining the Life Cycle of Trade and Transaction Reporting You’re fighting an uphill battle to manage huge volumes of trades through the transaction life cycle, while meeting both regulatory and internal requirements. Now you can start winning. We can enable seamless end-to-end trade and transaction processing, clearing and settlement; and give you a single view […]

Emerging Themes – Risk

Changing the dynamics of risk and reporting How can you keep pace with increasingly complex global risk and regulatory mandates, while managing costs? We can help. Our agile, cloud-enabled framework accurately calculates risk sensitivities; and delivers analytics, rapid data aggregation and simulations to meet regulatory deadlines for credit, market, liquidity, clearing and climate risk across […]

Emerging Themes – ESG

Catalyzing a New ESG Perspective As the world transitions to increasingly green priorities, we can help you make a home in this new landscape. We offer front-to-back support for green products, ESG guidance, trading, reporting and risk management tools to manage climate risk, and full compliance to the European regulatory reporting framework and taskforces (SFDR, […]