LBBW – A capital-markets consolidation & innovation story

The LBBW Simplification Journey​ This case study tells Landesbank Baden-Württemberg’s (LBBW) strategic capital-markets consolidation & innovation story, covering many milestones with Calypso across treasury, regulations (LIBOR transition, UMR), ETD and OTC clearing, cross-asset platform, back office, collateral, cloud transition, MR rebase, and a new carbon-emission business launch. View Disclaimer and Copyright Complete Form to Download

Case Study-The Business-Changing Impact Of Market Simplification

Financial institutions understand that a tactical and fragmented approach to regulation adoption often results in operational risk, not to mention the inefficiencies and costs required to maintain disparate systems. This case study follows the consolidation journey of a large global bank as it works to attain regulatory and internal business objectives with market simplification as […]

Case Study – Derivatives Ecosystem Transformation

Lift and Shift, Rebase and Test, Connect, Message, Trade … Check! In today’s competitive environment of ever-increasing regulatory requirements and a greater focus on system modernization, efficiency, and cost reduction, financial institutions — no matter how big or small — have to be more strategic about how they allocate limited resources. The good news is […]

Case Study – Basel IV Solution and Financial Reporting

An Emerald Isle Bank Capitalizes on a Golden Opportunity to Initiate a Strategic Approach The pace of regulatory change is increasing while the costs on financial institutions across the globe are rising. Among myriad regulations with which they must comply, evolving Basel IV and other capital and credit regulation requirements — with their jurisdictional complexities […]

Case Study – A Regulatory ReportingCloud Migration

Movin’ On Up To The Sky… Cloud… RegCloud® Let’s face it, no one likes moving. Even when you know that it’s for the best – a dream job, better school district, no shared walls with inconsiderate neighbors, better security, less maintenance – you dread all the work it takes to get to the new place. […]