Calypso e-FX Portal for End-to-End Digitalization

Calypso e-FX Portal for End-to-End Digitalization From multiple systems and manual processes to a single integrated portal for order management, trading, and back-office activities In the highly competitive FX sales and trading environment, banks must continuously strive to deliver best-in-class solutions for their clients. View Disclaimer and Copyright Complete Form to Download * Required Information […]

Emerging Themes – Risk

Changing the dynamics of risk and reporting How can you keep pace with increasingly complex global risk and regulatory mandates, while managing costs? We can help. Our agile, cloud-enabled framework accurately calculates risk sensitivities; and delivers analytics, rapid data aggregation and simulations to meet regulatory deadlines for credit, market, liquidity, clearing and climate risk across […]

Emerging Themes – ESG

Catalyzing a New ESG Perspective As the world transitions to increasingly green priorities, we can help you make a home in this new landscape. We offer front-to-back support for green products, ESG guidance, trading, reporting and risk management tools to manage climate risk, and full compliance to the European regulatory reporting framework and taskforces (SFDR, […]