Managing SCCL in an evolving regulatory reporting environment

AxiomSL Single-Counterparty Credit Limits (SCCL) Solution Financial institutions must have rigorous mechanisms in place for sourcing and organizing complex information if they are to stand up to regulatory scrutiny under the SCCL rule. Adenza’s solution provides an end-to-end platform for SCCL data staging, exposure calculation (i.e. credit exposures involving methodologies from Basel, RWA rules, and […]

Harnessing the benefits of the cloud with a managed SaaS offering

Harnessing the benefits of the cloud has become a strategic imperative for businesses As capital markets operations expand and regulatory requirements evolve, financial institutions can no longer rely on aging technology stacks with key person risk. Learn how Adenza’s fully managed CapCloudTM SaaS offering delivers unparalleled security, operational agility, continuous innovation, and cloud-only features for […]

A streamlined approach to trade and transaction reporting

Without a streamlined trade pipeline and a front-to-back approach, business priorities are impeded Many institutions struggle to track and understand changing reporting obligations, keep track of evolving regulatory requirements, move to more automated direct-delivery formats, and manage fragmented systems. Learn how the AxiomSL® Trade and Transaction Reporting solution combines rich front-to-back trading processes with flexible […]

Successfully Navigating the T+1 Settlement Rule

Reaping the benefits of T+1 settlement compliance More than a quick tactical assessment, a successful compliance with the T+1 Settlement Rule − now less than 12 months away − requires careful review spanning the processing ecosystem for technological change and a new approach to the settlement life cycle. Adenza offers five steps for readiness, ready […]

Addressing global tax reporting efficiently

End-to-end support for multiple regulatory reporting requirements In recent years, governments around the world have been introducing client information gathering and reporting requirements for financial institutions to help fight against tax evasion and protect the integrity of tax systems. The USA’s 2010 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) regulation marked the beginning of this process […]

Adenza ESG hub for data and disclosure-reporting management

Regulators Require Financial And Non-Financial Information To Assess Credit Quality And Sustainability Financial institutions — credit/investment management, etc. — face unprecedented challenges with a host of ESG requirements around the globe. Green taxonomies Risk-assessment regulations Other regulations Learn how we can help you navigate disparate, overlapping or aligned ESG requirements, for capital markets or regulatory […]

Manteniéndose actualizado frente a condiciones de mercado sin precedentes

Solución de Calypso para Middle Office y Riesgo de Operaciones Actualmente, las empresas están negociando volúmenes de derivados cada vez mayores en respuesta a las innovaciones y las demandas impulsadas por las regulaciones. Además de los mayores volúmenes, el costo de las operaciones también está aumentando debido al diferencial XVA existente, los requisitos de margen […]

Calypso Investment Management

Investment-decision support, portfolio analytics, and real-time insights Today’s investment-management industry is miles away from what it used to be just a decade ago. The front office is under pressure to cut costs, maximize revenue, comply with ever-increasing regulatory requirements, and deliver exceptional client service. Low yields and increased volatility – central bank interventions, geopolitical events, […]

From LIBOR to RFR: Are you on the right train?

As the final phases of LIBOR transition approach, financial institutions must navigate old and new rate environments to price trades and manage risks. The reform’s complexity also requires them to meet local and global market conventions while the market is still evolving with forward-looking term structure adoption and new migration best-practices. Adenza’s agile solution for […]

Adenza RegCloud® a Transition in Numbers Infographic

This one-pager summarizes the benefits of replacing inflexible on-premises applications and automating inefficient and error-prone manual processes through a managed SaaS regulatory reporting solution. Improve user productivity, increase agility, and reduce the risk of noncompliance. (Access the full Forrester Consulting study here) View Disclaimer and Copyright Complete Form to Download

CapCloud™ a Transition in Numbers Infographic

This one-pager summarizes the benefits of consolidating and transitioning your capital markets applications from on-premises to a single cloud-enabled platform. Accelerate your time to market! (You can also access the full Forrester Consulting study here) View Disclaimer and Copyright Complete Form to Download

End-to-end Digibank Solution for Treasury and Reg Reporting

Cloud-Enabled Capital Markets Treasury and Regulatory Solutions Because digital banks tend to be smaller, standalone enterprises without the resources or reputational coattails of a traditional bank, they may be subject to more regulatory scrutiny. In fact, start-ups or non-bank expansions often discover that they must contend with extensive and unfamiliar regulatory requirements. View Disclaimer and […]