Calypso Collateral, Margin,and Securities Finance

From spreadsheets and siloed systems to automated collateral and real-time inventory management and utility integration Centralizing collateral management in the trade and processing lifecycle is primarily driven by financial institutions’ need to reduce risk, identify hedging requirements, and respond to a raft of regulations for uncleared margin rules (UMR), SA-CCR, FRTB, and SFTR. However, this […]

Oferta RegCloud® SaaS de Adenza

Su guía a la generación de reportes regulatorios seguros en la nube Una mayor supervisión regulatoria conlleva mayores requisitos. La plataforma AxiomSL ControllerView® en la nube le permite administrar los reportes regulatorios sin las complejidades de construir y mantener su propia infraestructura tecnológica. Puede sentirse seguro en su propia nube privada virtual (VPC) porque RegCloud […]

La Oferta CapCloud™ SaaS de Adenza

Su guía a los últimos cambios impulsados por el mercado Los mercados de capitales y los requisitos de tesorería para las instituciones financieras están cambiando constantemente. CapCloud le permite administrar y hacer crecer su negocio libre de las complejidades de montar y mantener su propia infraestructura tecnológica. Puede sentirse seguro en su propia nube privada […]

Solución de siguiente generación para operaciones de mercado, reservas y riesgo

A medida que la política monetaria y las operaciones de mercado abierto desempeñan un papel cada vez más importante tanto en la liquidez como en la estabilidad sistémica, los Bancos Centrales de todo el mundo están posicionándose como participantes en el escenario central. Los balances y las reservas son más grandes que nunca, lo que […]

Calypso Platform Tools For Deployments Simplification and More

Simplifying application deployments, integration and upgrade monitoring, real-time reconciliation Adenza has produced and packaged a series of tools to facilitate reconciliation automated deployments, monitoring, integration, upgrades and management of your solution. These tools simplify integration and support and reduce your total cost of ownership. View Disclaimer and Copyright Complete Form to Download

The Basel Journey

The expansion of Basel requirements involves more than a simple finalization of Basel III reforms. The updated requirements and new calculation rules are so comprehensive that they have been informally dubbed “Basel IV” and there is no industry consensus on what a future Basel regulatory scenario may look like. This is partly because evolving Basel […]

An Ecosystem For Basel Liquidity Risk Management

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) introduced two key standards of measurement for liquidity under Basel III reporting – often referred to as “Basel IV” – as part of an effort to revamp liquidity reporting requirements following the 2008 financial crisis: liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) and net stable funding ratio (NSFR). LCR is the […]

Standardized Approach For CounterParty Credit Risk SA-CCR

As a response to COVID-19, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has pushed out timelines for the extensive updates planned for Basel III – often referred to as “Basel IV”. However, the regulation changes are still coming into effect over the next three years despite reprieves. With Basel IV, BCBS has outlined the standardized […]

Global Shareholding Disclosures

The regulatory objective of global shareholding disclosures is to increase market transparency of major holdings in public issuers whose shares are traded on regulated markets. Regulators in more than 90 jurisdictions around the world require market participants to make specific disclosures when they: Accumulate a substantial shareholding in an issuer/security Invest in a sensitive industry […]

Real-time, centralized front office solution

Front Office Workstation All-in-One Trading Platform Calypso’s Front Office Workstation (FOWS) centralizes all the tools front office users need in a single location, delivering real- time, fi ngertip control over the entire sales and trading desk. View Disclaimer and Copyright Complete Form to Download

Adenza’s CapCloud SaaS Offering

Experience the benefits of the cloud secure in your own virtual private cloud (VPC) Helping central banks, regional banks, investment managers, and service providers worldwide experience the benefits of the cloud since 2008. View Disclaimer and Copyright Complete Form to Download


From fragmented to focused With Adenza you can replace multiple fragmented systems with a single treasury solution Achieve a New Treasury Operating Model with Calypso TreasuryBenefits of Calypso Treasury: Accelerate your growth Make better funding and investment decisions Reduce cost and operational risk Simplify compliance and reporting View Disclaimer and Copyright Complete Form to Download