The APAC Regulatory Landscape

View Legal Terms Even as the world was just emerging after months of global lockdowns in 2022, instrumental changes were taking place in the Asia-Pacific world of regulations, triggering the need for a strategic platform transformation. With all the preparations now in place, institutions are ready to address these requirements. But in this ever-changing regulatory […]

Getting ahead of an avalanche of ESG regulatory requirements.

Download PDF View Legal Terms Financial institutions are facing unprecedented challenges with the introduction of a host of ESG regulations. Regulators are moving away from the traditional approach to now requiring a combination of financial and non-financial information to assess the credit quality and sustainability of institutions, making the need for flexible ESG monitoring and […]

EU Taxonomy: A regional ESG initiative with a global impact.

Download PDF View Legal Terms As the world grapples with the climate crisis, food scarcity, ocean acidification, among a host of abuses against the planet, corporations have moved from simply reacting to more proactively courting the public’s approval. This shift has led many market participants to explore their own initiatives to promote long-term sustainability while […]

RegNews: UMR and FX Clearing — A New Landscape Offering Many Benefits

The UMR compliance driven FX ETD and OTC clearing environment. The introduction of Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) significantly impacted the foreign exchange (FX) clearing world. It substantially increased trading costs for uncleared derivatives and thus, accelerated the expansion of OTC and ETD clearing globally. It mandated that counterparties post a new two-way initial margin (IM) […]

APRA Comprehensive Data Collection – Granular Data Arrives

Download PDF View Legal Terms The issuance in March 2022 of a discussion paper on the APRA Comprehensive Data Collection program came as no surprise to APRA watchers/and regulated authorized deposit-taking institutions (ADI). The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority has long been voicing its intent to realize significant objectives including to: Institute granular data reporting requirements.This […]

The Basel IV Parallel Run Commences

Download PDF View Legal Terms The Basel IV Parallel Run Commences – Switzerland Paves the Way for Europe. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has set out requirements for selected Swiss entities to begin parallel reporting runs in January 2023. The FINMA and Swiss National Bank (SNB) revisions reflect the final round of the […]

CFTC Rewrite – Avoid a Rocky End to a Long Journey

Download PDF View Legal Terms The CFTC Rewrite – Avoid a Rocky End to a Long Journey. With its long-expected Rewrite (DFA Parts 43 and 45), the CFTC aims to bring the US market into alignment with harmonized critical OTC derivatives data elements. Where this CFTC Rewrite is heading, so follows the EMIR Refit, and […]

Brazil BACEN Resolution 229 Impacts Credit Risk & DLO

Download PDF View Legal Terms BACEN Resolution 229 A credit-risk fine tuning that aligns with BCBS and impacts Brazil’s DLO reporting Effective on January 1, 2023, BACEN’s Resolution 229 poses challenging requirements that impact the way financial institutions currently calculate credit risk and how they report it. In March 2023, all banking segments must include […]

Canada Goes Live with Basel IV Changes

Download PDF View Legal Terms Basel IV: Canada The long-heralded Basel reforms are now just over the horizon for Canada — even without a resolution to the debate as to whether these changes represent a continuation of Basel III or are significant enough to be treated as distinct round of reforms and therefore worthy of […]